From day one, Numarine Yachts has used the very latest in vacuum infusion technology and composite materials to produce extremely rigid, lightweight and incredibly strong hulls.

With the extremely technical vacuum infusion process, lightweight, composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fibre are placed into the moulds in a highly complex strategic order so as to fully benefit from each of material’s unique properties. The “sandwich” of materials is then fused together under vacuum as the resin bonds all the elements together in a temperature controlled environment.

The end result of this delicate process provides our owners with a hull approaching the strength of steel with a weight saving of up to 30% versus a traditionally laminated hull. This increased strength repels impacts in rough water whilst the decreased weight delivers inherent economy and performance benefits.

Numarine Yachts - 10 Year Structural Warranty

We have absolute confidence that our construction process and material choices result in the strongest hulls on the water. This confidence is guaranteed by Gurit – the composite industries leading supplier of materials and engineering services through their exacting structural calculations on our hulls.

This confidence allows us to offer the very best warranty in the industry and so, from the bottom up, every Numarine Yachts hull comes as standard with a full, 10 Year Structural Warranty.

Numarine Yachts - OUR MISSION

A desire to be better than the rest
Stronger, faster, better… Ömer Malazs’ mission to create a motor yacht designed to provide unrivalled performance and comfort when cruising the world’s two thirds led to the birth of Numarine Yachts.

From my own experience spending leisure time with my family on board various types of motoryachts, I always felt there was something missing, I was always wanting more and our needs were never satisfied.

Could we go where we wanted when we wanted? Did we have everything we needed for extended time aboard? Could we entertain in space and comfort with all the provisions we would need? Were my family safe and comfortable? The answer always came back as no.

Ömer Malazs
Out of this list of desires and the fact they were left unfulfilled, the vision to create the perfect motoryacht came about and Numarine Yachts was born.

Realising the Dream

To create a company that would stand out and deliver on the mission set down right at the start, exhaustive research led to a set of conclusions that would subsequently be delivered and upheld, conclusions that formed the core of what we are today.

Our yachts had to be of the highest quality in order to compete in a saturated market place so only the best componentry could be used.

In order to deliver on the performance, economy and range requirements, we had to save weight so inspiration was taken from the aviation and racing industries where intelligent material choices were resulting in extreme weight saving also delivered unrivalled strength and ride comfort therefore vacuum infusion and composites were to be the only choice capable of delivering on our promise.

We would outfit our yachts with an abundance of amenities and convenience features as standard and we would offer our clients the ability to customize so as to deliver on their exacting requirements.

With our mission set out and its deliverance achievable, a purpose built facility was created, the latest technological manufacturing techniques were refined, a team of the best craftsmen, engineers and designers were assembled, and partnerships were formed with the industry’s leading vendors.

Welcome to Numarine Yachts.

Numarine Yachts - Be Individual

Numarine Yachts fully embraces the fact that every owners needs are different. Be it a striking and unique exterior colour scheme or full blown re-configuration of an interior layout, our in house design team work with our owners to create the perfect configuration and décor suited exactly to their needs with absolutely no compromise ever needed.
We take the time, every time, to get it right for you.